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Date: Oct 06, 09
Time: 14:00
Category: Art / Design
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"Today I am tweeterviewing Scott Gallatin, aka @madscott, the creator of Thanks for joining me."

Thank you for this oppertunity

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You have been drawing for a very long time, but how long have you been drawing the Madscott comic for?

I had to look back. I started doing Madscott the comic in about 2007. Before that I had a couple other very bad comics

"And how many strips do you think you have you done over that time?"

somewhere over 500 comics now. Maybe 600.

"Do you have an underlying theme for the strip, or is it just a collection of whatever comes to you at the time?"

Mostly whatever pops in my head. I do it so that I don't forget how to draw while I grow up.

I really just wanted my kids to know that I do other things then fix computers

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Great. I think it is good to show that you can be a multi-talented person and still be good at what you do.


"You have gone from wanting to be a commercial artist, to joining the navy, and now to working in I.T."
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Do you draw on experiences from any of those roles for the strip?

Sure. Because I don't really have a plot, or a theme, or any idea where the comic will be next week I have to draw on things I've done.

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Do you find certain topics re-occuring a lot?

A few. I try to move away from anything overly familiar if I can but I still end up telling IT jokes and coffee humor.

"Briefly, what is your creative process, from sketch to final art?"

Over the last year it's been to sit down, turn the music up and just start to sketch out with blue pencil. Then when I realize that it's t..

realize that it's bed time I quick in and letter. Then I scan it in just before midnight and post it.

I have started to try and write ideas down though

"Do you refine the artwork and add lettering in Photoshop or Illustrator?"

Not in a long time. The comic started out with me inking scanning and lettering on the PC. About a year ago I went to 95% by hand.

Hand lettering is the hardest to get used to

"You work in black & white lineart. Have you chosen to not include colour for a particular reason?"

Honestly it's just a time saver for me. If I have extra time I like to add color but it's low priority. I felt that if I can do nice lines

then I could learn to color later.

Plus I have a long way to go before I'm happy with how the line work looks

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Yes, I understand that. I believe most artists are never quite happy with there work. I often feel the same way too.
"You are a regular twitter user. Were you a tweep before doing the strip?"

tweep? Not sure what that is but I've always enjoyed trying out new technology.

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Tweep is a "twitter user". (At least I think so. I heard a cool kid say it earlier :P)

cool kids lie all the time. It's probably some new pokie man card game

"Is Twitter the only social network you use to promote your comic?"

I'm a bad person to ask that. I do post on twitter when it's live. And I have a LiveJournal where it's posted but I do a pour job promoting.

From a business side I do this all wrong. From a sanity side I do what I can as long as it doesn't bust my ass doing it.

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Sounds like you just summarised the webcomicers dilemma pretty succinctly.

Absolutely but it's really more of a self employment dilemma.

"You also participate in Gigcast webcomic podcasts. (Check out: Can you explain a little about these?"

The Gigcast started as a way to promote and the artists we hosted. As the show grew we started branching out a bit.

I was just talking to JT and I think we can expect more shows soon. It's another problem with the web. Staying focused on what you're doing.

We have had a great time doing the show though. Met some very nice people along the way as well. Plus JT has a great radio voice

"As well as podcasting & drawing, I understand that you like to sculpt as well?"
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If you had to choose one over the other, which would it be?

sculpting or drawing? Wow.. they solve two completely different needs for me. Drawing lets me blank my mind, Sculpting forces me to plan

I'd probably pick drawing because it's cheeper

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I guess it is also a little harder to share a sculpture over the internet?

not really.. you do need to learn to be a photographer though to do it

"As a fan, I have to ask if there is any chance we can see more Space Bat in the future?"
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For those that don't know who Space Bat is -

Sure... maybe even soon. October I usually do something monster related. Plus I need to rescue Madscott at some point

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Yes - He has been waiting a while :
"Which other comics are you particularly enjoying at the moment?"

I need to read everyday, is great, there's a big list on my page of sites. is great but on hiatus

I could go on all night

"Ok, are you ready now for the final 3 really hard questions....... ?"


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What is you favourite spaceship, from television or a movie, of all time?

The planet express kinda kicks tail. that can take a beating. Jupiter 2 had some plush seats though

ohh.. sdf-1 had HUGE guns

this is an impossible question

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Personally, I love the Starship Yamanto, from Starblazers. Why wouldn't you put a warship in space? Makes perfect sense.
"If you were reincarnated as any comic/cartoon character, who would it be?"

My long time answer would have been Deathlok the demolisher. That guy made me into a comic book reader. I love how Mike Zeck drew him

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I am with you on that one. Awesome artwork. Deathlok needs to come back in his own title very soon.
"Lastly - who would you fight if you had to? Jethro Gibbs from NCIS, or Steven Seagal as "Casey Ryback" from the movie "Under Seige"?"

I'm not fighting Gibbs. That guy is harder the nails. Plus didn't Steven Seagal hit girls?

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I think so. And if I had to bet, I would back Gibbs to win any day!
"Thanks for your time Scottl. For everyone out there Twitter - you can follow him at @madscott"
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Also, be sure to check out the Madscott Comics site -

Thank you very much. It's fun to be on this side of an interview