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Tweeter: @agent_x
Tweetee: @ArtPatient
Asking the unpopular comic questions
Date: Oct 16, 09
Time: 14:00
Category: Art / Design
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Today I am tweeterviewing @artpatient, who runs the site Thanks for joining me Delos.

Thanks for having me.

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How long have you been running the Artpatient site for?

Since about July 2006, so a little over three years.

"The site focuses on weekly webcomic reviews & strip news. Was that the original plan for the site?"

Originally, it was to force me to create art and serve as an online portfolio.

"Reviews of webcomics is a pretty competitive genre on the internet. What made you decide to follow that path instead?"

It's something all comic artists do whether they admit it or not. I decided to write down what I was seeing and share it.

"What has been the overall reaction to your weekly webcomic "What Did I Learn?" reviews to date?"

Overall, pretty positive and I appreciate that. Most folks are happy to get the feedback. It's been cool.

"Do you know how many webcomics have you reviewed over the past 3 years?"

lol. I don't, actually. Maybe 150ish? I should probably know that and keep track. =)

(I was also on Comic Fencing, so we did some there too.)

"Do you feel the need to pull any punches with the reviews, or are you happy to just tell it like it is?"

Well, every comic is something that someone works hard on so I respect that. I try to be less critical and more appreciative of..

.. the things that we can learn from the comic under review. Some might say I don't throw enough punches but that's okay.

"Have you had any overly negative feedback for any reviews, so far?"

It happens every so often. It seems like if I mention something negative at all, it is seen as sharp, even harsh criticism.

"Ultimately, are you a believer in "tough love" in your reviews and the benefits that it can sometimes offer?"

Yeah, I think we all need that sometimes. The best, most objective thoughts about a comic don't come from fans or family. Revie..

..wers can be an invaluable resource for feedback. You don't have to change anything, just be aware that's how others see it. T..

..ough love.

"On the floating lightbulb blog recently, there was a post about the declining readership trends in the popular webcomics.."
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(see Briefly what is your view on this?

A little research showed me the same trends for some other sites, too. There are other things online to take time away from web..

..comics. It's maybe too little info to make a strong statement on but there did seem to be some declines.

"Are there too many "average" webcomics out there, in your opinion? Or are they all valid in their own way, to improve th.."
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..e genre?

Good question. There are a lot of average comics but each of them does a few things really well. All creators have different sk..

..ill sets and audiences which lead to different results. Also, some are just hobby comics and the standards they aim for are n..

..ot the

not the same as a pro comic. I'm not sure there is an invalid comic, really.

"What are your thoughts on the new trend towards "motion" comics? The future of webcomics, or just an interesting side br.."
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..branch? eg:

Some, like Petra's, are really taking advantage of the digital medium and adding something special. Others, like Marvel's

motion comics strike me as a footnote on the way to something better. In general, it expands what can be done with comics, whic..

..h is good.

"Is there anything in particular that you see creators constantly doing (trend/style/behaviour, etc) which you would like.."
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.. to see stop?

Interesting question. I'd like to see more creators promote other comics more often. There is a tendency to protect your pile o..

..f readers.

Which is a backwards answer but there you go.

"I understand that you recently closed down your Facebook page. What were the reasons behind that?"

Too many diversions. =) I have other things to make sure I accomplish with that online time I was using on Facebook.

"So, you find that twitter is offering you more interaction with your readers/followers in a shorter time? "

Absolutely and with less diversions. I don't have to turn away Farmville invites all the time, for instance. It's also easier t..

..o keep track of what work other folks are doing on Twitter due to its simplistic interface.

"Any webcomics that you are particularly enjoying reading at the moment?"

I add a few to my list every day, it seems. Brat-Halla, Kukuburi, Dovecote Crest and ThE FruStraTeD CarToOnisT seem to catch my..

.. eye a lot lately.

And Agent-X...=)

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Thanks for the plug!
"Do you believe webcomics will eventually go down the path of paid access, like the newspapers are experimenting with?"

Paid access will only work for financial info, long term. People won't miss comics until they don't see them in their newspaper...

And then maybe we'll see a larger demand. Otherwise, we'll see comics accompanying other demands.

"Ok, now it's time for the really tough questions.... "
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It was recently stated online that "Zombies Are the New Ninjas". Do you think this is true?

Seems to be. It's that Zombie time of year but there are more zombie entertainments than I can keep track of these days. Yikes.

"If you woke up tomorrow as a Transformers character, which one would it be?"

Prowl, the original police car. He was a good soldier Autobot.


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Probably Soundwave - because he has that 80's walkman vibe going on.
"Lastly, Who would win in a fight - Astro Boy or Iron Man?"

Tough call. I gotta go with Astro Boy due to more gadgets built in.

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Yes. I vote for Astro as well
"Thanks for your time Delos. For everyone out there Twitter - you can follow him at @artpatient."
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Also, be sure to check out the ArtPatient site -

Thanks for the plugs and for having me on. It's been a lot of fun.