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Dylan Cuthbert talks to PS3 Attitude
Date: Nov 25, 09
Time: 01:00
Category: Games / Gaming
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" about 4 minutes"
"Dylan - thanks for joining us. This is our 1st ever live Twitter interview! How do you feel about being our '1st'?.."

Good evening, thanks for making me the guinea pig! I always like experiments #ps3attitudetweeterview

"Tell us a little more about Q-Games and what you guys stand for. Will you always be a 2D house? #ps3attitudetweete.."

Well I started with 3d and we are back playing with 2d, but we'll be back with 3d again if it's new enough #ps3attitudetwee..

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Does that mean you don't see much 3D innovation at this time? #ps3attitudetweeterview

not a great deal.. there's no real difference between the ps3/360 and all the games use the same standard 3d methods #ps3at..

"PixelJunk Shooter is your next 2D title. We played it at GamesCom (and were impressed) - how long has it been in t.."

LittleBigPlanet was innovative 3d-wise though #ps3attitudetweeterview

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...the making?

It took about a year to develop with a couple of months of early prototyping #ps3attitudetweeterview

"PixelJunk Monsters and Eden were difficult games for some players, and as a response they were made easier. #ps3at.."
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In what ways has this affected PixelJunk Shooters difficulty? #ps3attitudetweeterview

We'll still make challenging games but for Shooter the design simply didn't warrant it #ps3attitudetweeterview

Because of the sandbox nature of the game the only major challenge is actually yourself and your imagination #ps3attitudetw..

"You've always had unique soundtracks in your games. #ps3attitudetweeterview"
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How does Q-Games determine the type of music that goes into them? #ps3attitudetweeterview

If we're of a fan of their music and think it's cool we try to collaborate with them, it's as simple as that really #ps3att..

"There are some obvious (we think) retro influences like Thrust on display. What else inspired Shooter? #ps3attitud.."

for example, I have been a fan of the Orb for about 20 years! Alex and Dom collaborating for Shooter was amazing #ps3attit..

they had just formed this new unit High Frequency Bandwidth so the timing was perfect #ps3attitudetweeterview

Interestingly, Shooter is also inspired by Boulderdash to some extent #ps3attitudetweeterview

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Boulderdash! We weren't expecting that. How so? #ps3attitudetweeterview

well, blasting out rock and having things fall on you is very Boulderdash - you also collect diamonds! #ps3attitudetweeterview

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And everyone loves diamonds! #ps3attitudetweeterview

Another game that greatly influenced me was Super Mario Bros, but that is more of a structural influence

for example, there are secret areas full of "coins" to discover like going down the pipes in Mario #ps3attitudetweeterview

"After some grumbling regarding Shooter's name, any plans for future titles to be suggested by the public? ;) #ps3a.."

Of course we'll always consider doing it again, it was a lot of fun! Or other interesting ideas like it #ps3attitudetweet..

the name we ended up with was perfect for it (as everyone should... I hope... realise) :) #ps3attitudetweeterview

"Some of the 'bigger' PSN titles like Trine get a have a Platinum trophy. #ps3attitudetweeterview"
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We think Shooter fits the bill. Any chance this could happen? #ps3attitudetweeterview

wow.. really, how "big" is Trine? no matter how often we ask Sony won't give us a platinum :-( #ps3attitudetweeterview

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Maybe we'll start lobbying for you. :) #ps3attitudetweeterview

yes, although Shooter is finished, but maybe for games here-on-in... maybe Trine took a lot of money&time to make? #ps3att..

hey, we do have an *excellent* Home reward tho #ps3attitudetweeterview

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Did you enjoy having a Pixeljunk Museum space in Home? #ps3attitudetweeterview

yes, it's great fun and lets us flex our 3d muscles too :) #ps3attitudetweeterview

it's also hilarious to see people walking around with "I am HARD" and "I am EASY" t-shirts on #ps3attitudetweeterview

"PJ Monsters Deluxe has a fun online mode on the PSP. Will Shooter include online multiplayer? #ps3attitudetweeterv.."

Right now there are no plans for online (apart from an excellent score attack mode with online scores) #ps3attitudetweeterview

it costs a lot to implement online and we're only small #ps3attitudetweeterview

"Stock question we ask every developer: the PS Wand. Any desire to factor it into a future Q-Games title? #ps3attit.."

we'll definitely look into it, as we look into all new hardware and technology #ps3attitudetweeterview

No concrete plans yet though - it would need a special idea to make that move #ps3attitudetweeterview

"A couple of our readers have sent in questions for you. #ps3attitudetweeterview"

fire away #ps3attitudetweeterview

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From YobRenoops: After Racers, Monsters and Eden came out in rapid succession, why did Shooter take so long? #ps3a..
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From YobRenoops: And will we see Dungeons appear? #ps3attitudetweeterview

we were developing PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe in parallel with Shooter #ps3attitudetweeterview

and the online component in that delayed it slightly otherwise there would have been less of a gap #ps3attitudetweeterview

As for "Dungeons" well.. that was a very early idea and the ideas have warped considerably, it might not be recognisable an..

..recognisable anymore #ps3attitudetweeterview

that's what happens when we make games... we don't lock down much and go with our instincts on the fly #ps3attitudetweeterview

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Any ideas on when we might see 'Dungeons' (or whatever the public name it!) ;) ps3attitudetweeterview
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From Axe99: What’s the secret of their creative process, as they seem a cut above most devs? #ps3attitudetweeter..

I think it's just that we've worked on a lot of games, nothing beats experience when it boils down to it #ps3attitudetweete..

and we are iterating our games quickly which helps us get better and better #ps3attitudetweeterview

"PS3A Staff Writer Brodiesan is obsessed with Japan and loved Kyoto when he visited there. #ps3attitudetweeterview"
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He wants to know if he moved there permanently, would you give him a job? :) #ps3attitudetweeterview

haha, well we always look at all the resumes that come our way #ps3attitudetweeterview

Kyoto is an excellent place to live... the real heart of Japan #ps3attitudetweeterview

I was lucky enough to discover Kyoto out of "luck" with my first job working with Nintendo on X and StarFox #ps3attitudetwe..

"Thanks for your time today Dylan - much appreciated. Good luck with Shooter! We hope it sells like hot cakes! #ps3.."

Thanks for the interview! Everyone's going to enjoy Shooter a lot I hope! #ps3attitudetweeterview